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Vi Launches ViHive to Support Connectivity and Engagement

May 26, 2022

CHICAGO, IL—Vi, premier developer, owner and operator of 10 luxury senior living communities across the U.S., has invested in mobile technology to launch ViHive. It’s a new custom-designed employee communication app enabling two-way information sharing and engagement with Vi’s over 3,000 staff members across all departments, communities and care centers nationwide. Accessed through a mobile device or desktop, ViHive has been designed with employees in mind to help share up-to-the-minute news and content, community and company events, team member appointments, new training tools and other resources. The communication platform also ensures that employees’ voices are heard, shared and amplified across the entire Vi organization.

“Most of our employees are on the move, providing service and care to our residents and have limited time in front of a desktop computer,” said Judy Whitcomb, senior vice president of organizational strategy and effectiveness at Vi. “This can present challenges for real-time communication and connectivity. Based on employee survey feedback, Vi has invested significant time and resources toward a custom mobile platform that enables robust information, collaboration and engagement. We believe that this platform will be a game-changer in enabling fluid communication by all team members across our organization.”

To support connectivity for all team members, the app is also accessible to employees who speak English as a second language. ViHive’s interface is available in English, Spanish, Creole and Tagalog. Within the app, content falls into two main categories: company-wide information that is relevant to all employees (such as benefits, DEI messages, HR and IT resources) and community-specific information (including programs, announcements, job openings, training, recognition and more). Photos and videos can also be shared to engage audiences on a new level.

“ViHive reinforces Vi’s mission and values and enables real-time recognition of accomplishments across the company,” Whitcomb said. “Additionally, with a focus on ease of use and accessibility for all employees, it serves as an accessible hub for employee communication in the form of short, social media-style content.”

ViHive’s features and benefits include:

  • Fast and easy one-stop shop for latest news in the communities
  • Company news from Vi’s senior leaders
  • Quick access to community calendars for important community and company events
  • Easy access to tools and resources
  • New training information to learn and grow
  • Updates on latest job opportunities
  • Resources to support work-life balance
  • Ability to share opinions and ideas with leadership teams
  • Community fun page to celebrate special events with engaging activities and contests

Just two weeks into the launch of ViHive, Vi has seen 55% of all employees activate their access on the app. According to Staffbase, a leading provider of employee communications management solutions (and Vi’s partner in the development process), Vi is well on track to exceed its benchmark of 75% of users activated within six months of launch.

“We are happy to see the very successful launch of ViHive, and we already see their employees engaging regularly,” said Frank Wolf, co-founder and CSO of Staffbase. “We learned from our customers over the years that a great start is the best ingredient for long-term success of an employee communication and engagement platform.”

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