Willow Valley Communities Donates $10,000 to School District of Lancaster High School Graduates

June 17, 2019

LANCASTER, PA–Willow Valley Communities donated $10,000 recently to the School District of Lancaster (SDOL) to help high school graduates with future fees and expenses. The donation was presented by John G. Swanson, CEO of Willow Valley Living, the management company for Willow Valley Communities, to SDOL Superintendent Dr. Damaris Rau at Willow Valley Communities.

“For some students, a $200 fee might as well be $20,000,” said Dr. Rau, explaining that while a graduating senior may be accepted to a college or trade school, the application fees, down payments, or other costs associated with the transition may be prohibitive enough to prevent the student from attending. 

Willow Valley Communities has held three annual Cornhole for a Cause tournaments for SDOL, raising over $24,000. More than 75 students have been helped with transitioning to a successful life following high school graduation. SDOL school guidance counselors assist the graduates with determining what they will need to pay for after graduation. These include college application fees, dorm room expenses, or items necessary to start a new career.

“Willow Valley Communities is delighted to help high school seniors in the School District of Lancaster. Supporting the students of our city helps to support its future,” said Swanson, noting that Willow Valley Communities is just three miles from downtown.

Willow Valley Communities’ most recent Cornhole for a Cause tournament was held at Willow Valley’s Chautauqua Hall on May 4. It is a unique initiative, because it is specifically designed to benefit high school graduates. Residents, team members, families, vendors, and School District of Lancaster staff members made up 18 cornhole teams.

“This event really helps break the cycle of poverty for high school students and their families in Lancaster,” said Cori Steiner, manager of resident services at Willow Valley Communities and coordinator of the tournament. “I’m thrilled that we are able to provide this level of support from across Willow Valley Communities.”

Cornhole for a Cause adds to the other initiatives that Willow Valley Communities puts forth to help children within the School District of Lancaster. Willow Valley Communities’ residents tutor students in academics and music through a robust education program, while a pen pal program between students and residents helps students grow and practice writing skills.

Willow Valley Communities’ Sneakers for School Program has provided thousands of pairs of sneakers and socks for children in the School District of Lancaster, who wear them proudly on their first day of school. Cornhole for a Cause, now in its third year, is Willow Valley Communities’ first event specifically designed to benefit high school graduates.

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