Vayyar Home: Keeping Residents Safe and Independent

By Olivia Beaton | August 18, 2021

Vayyar Home is a revolutionary, touch-less, elderly care and emergency response system. Fully automatic, it monitors seniors without them needing wearables, buttons or pendants, devices which they may be unable or even unwilling to operate after suffering a fall. And because Vayyar Home is completely camera-free, it maintains privacy at all times.

Seniors don’t want to be perceived as old, frail, or incapable, and many refuse to use traditional devices for exactly these reasons. Vayyar Home promotes resident’s safety while protecting their independence, something that is extremely important to seniors.

The device uses harmless radio waves to detect a person’s body position, allowing to it to detect a fall instantly. Caregivers receive real-time alerts that allow them to provide rapid response, preventing “long lies” and their potentially catastrophic consequences. But they also need to know about the relatively minor “hidden” falls that seniors often fail to report, but which are often precursors to major falls. This level of protection not only improves the quality of life of residents and gives their families greater peace of mind – it also benefits operators in terms of higher length of stay and enhanced brand reputation.

Marc McGrann, Director of Business Development, and David Hamel, a sales representative, both work closely with numerous senior living communities and agree that the value of Vayyar is two-fold: accurate fall prevention and rich data collection.

While Vayyar is best known for instant fall detection, the platform also gathers a wealth of other activity data that is just as important to a resident’s overall well-being. Vayyar’s technology can monitor sleep patterns, bathroom habits, time spent idle and more, all of which can aid communities in noticing behavioral changes and making timely interventions.

Hamel states that “data is driving care planning,” and in the wake of COVID-19, it is now more important than ever. Having a Vayyar Home sensor in a resident’s room ensures that residents are safeguarded around the clock, making staff’s lives easier and eliminating the constant fear that falls or health issues will be missed or overlooked. Even the most attentive staff cannot be everywhere at once, and residents are not always forthcoming about their challenges or setbacks, which is why Vayyar’s monitoring system is a crucial asset to any community.

McGrann stresses that privacy is a key aspect of Vayyar Home’s unique offering and that seniors often strongly object to cameras in their rooms. But he adds that they understand the value of the solution “the insights we deliver create a more rounded vision of residents’ day-to-day experience, helping them live longer and happier lives.”

Another advantage of Vayyar Home is that it can be easily integrated with the nurse call system or care platform that the community already has in place, easing the transition for staff. Vayyar Home puts all the information they need at their fingertips, helping them to prioritize care delivery and assisting communities in better catering to their residents’ specific needs.

In a post COVID-19 world, where isolation and its effects on physical health are top of mind for seniors’ families and operators alike, Vayyar Home is a solution that will ease those concerns by providing an unprecedented level of monitoring that enables the highest standards of care.


Olivia Beaton

Olivia is the Editor at HEALTHTAC/Senior Living News. She graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, as well as a minor in Journalism. In her spare time she’s a yoga teacher, writer, and freelance photographer.

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