Scott McCorvie Discusses the Launch of Alta Senior Living

Douglas Brawn, Principal of Alta, and Scott McCorvie, CFO & EVP of Investments, are both senior living veterans who were looking to start something new. “Alta” is Latin for high, meaning that Alta Senior Living was inspired by the desire to provide the highest quality and value of care. “It is an exciting time to be in senior living,” McCorvie says. The duo believes that having investment, development, and management all under the same roof of Alta Senior Living will allow them to oversee and thrive in all aspects of care.

Alta Senior Living has hand-selected an experienced operating team and they have offices on both the East and West coast. Their team is filled with passion and enthusiasm about the potential to improve the resident quality of life. McCorvie explains, “we are 1000% focused on the resident experience. Our goal is to offer and sell an upgraded lifestyle.” They intend to focus heavily on programming and engagement activities, as well as providing quality dining experiences. Alta has already closed on two acquisitions, one in Sacramento, CA, and the other in Walnut Creek, CA, and they have started a ground up project in West Palm Beach, FL. Their West Palm Beach community is projected to open in the fourth quarter of 2021.

COVID-19 is at the forefront of the Alta teams’ minds as they navigate both acquiring and building communities. McCorvie says, “we are dedicated to providing residents with the safest communities and implementing up to date hygiene protocols.” With the rollout of the vaccine, McCorvie and his partners have seen an increased demand for senior living, and they are excited to use their experience to improve and revamp the resident experience. Alta Senior Living intends to implement the latest technologies into their communities as well to encourage resident safety, engagement, and overall wellbeing.

McCorvie said “Senior living is going to experience exponential growth over the next 5 to 10 years, and I want to make sure that we are staying disciplined in our growth, and that our industry remains focused on providing the best care options for our residents. Having a fully integrated company allows us to manage all aspects of the care – from the real estate, design, and offered amenities down to the programming, menu selection, and activity schedule.”